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recycled fabrics

From discarded water bottles to beautiful fabrics

Cyclepond….. our commitment to making products with soul.

Lilypond’s commitment to the environment is at the core of every decision we make in terms of how we define our company both in terms of our branding message, but also in the earth and animal friendly products we design and manufacture for the active woman.

Lilypond is committed to reducing the impact of our manufacturing processes and other activities we have on the environment. Toward that end, Lilypond utilizes recycled materials wherever possible.
With over 150 Billion water bottles discarded into landfills and natural ecosystems every year, we have committed our resources to convert this wasteful plastic into highly technical fabric made of post-consumer recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate plastic, or what is commonly known as PET. We call this new line of recycled fabric CYCLEPOND.

Except for our waxed canvas cotton products, 100% of all Lilypond fabric, both interior and exterior, is made from CYCLEPOND fabric.