Alli Rainey

Climber. Writer. Aspiring Yogi. Climbing Coach/Trainer. Registered Yoga Teacher. Personal Trainer. Avid Lifelong Learner.

Alli Rainey started climbing toward the end of her senior year of high school, and her life took a right turn (in her opinion!) the first day she stepped off the ground onto vertical terrain. As her childhood had been focused around pursuing academic excellence, she’d consequently already committed to four years at Harvard University. After graduating magna cum laude, she quickly determined that no real-world job would likely ever match her passion for climbing, so she sought out a way to make climbing the center of her world. In addition to assistance from her awesome team of sponsors, Alli has supported her (20+ year) climbing career by tutoring, writing, editing, teaching/coaching other climbers, and teaching yoga.

In the past several years, Alli has earned certificates in personal training (CPT) and yoga (RYT-200). After almost 20 years of using just climbing as training for her climbing, Alli began exploring the science of sports training after an ankle injury temporarily sidelined her early in 2008. With no option but training open to her, she began to realize that she’d been missing out on some key aspects of intelligently improving at any given sport. While logging plenty of time climbing is inarguably an essential component of smart training for climbing, “just climbing” isn’t necessarily the most efficient or effective training to encourage consistent improvement – especially if you’ve already been climbing for a long time. After applying training techniques to herself and seeing positive results, Alli began an online climbing coaching service. Today, she continues to study sports science in order to broaden her knowledge of athletic training in an effort to help both herself and others achieve new heights in sports mastery.

Alli currently balances her long-held passion for rock climbing with her expanding yoga practice, which now includes teaching five to six yoga classes per week in her local community. Her yoga practice predates her involvement in climbing, as yoga became a part of her life when she found a copy of “Richard Hittleman’s Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan” in a used bookstore as a 10-year-old. She followed the plan (sort of), and the routine she learned from this book stayed a part of her life throughout the ensuing years – with a random yoga class thrown in here and there for good measure. After almost three decades of personal yoga practice, Alli earned her RYT-200 designation in December of 2013 and began teaching classes shortly thereafter. She has found that teaching yoga allows her to share the joy of movement in the moment and uniting the mental and physical with far more people than climbing; it’s accessible and doable no matter who you are. As Christina Brown says in “The Yoga Bible,” “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.”

In the years ahead, Alli plans to not only continue training for and improving at climbing, writing climbing training articles, and coaching other climbers but also, to broaden her yoga training by earning her RYT-500 and ultimately, by becoming a certified yoga therapist (CYT-100).