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The Lilypond brand embodies the spirit of what we create for the woman who loves the outside world, whether they live in the city, small towns or in the rural countryside. 

Our products are designed to accompany a woman who cares about authenticity, and responsibility, but also about purposeful function and an enduring sense of style.

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to a woman’s handbag, and we recognize that to be successful that we could not chase fashion trends or competition, but to follow our hearts. 
Our team, our friends and family, and ultimately our loyal consumer, who believes in our brand, recognize that we are embracing our passions of the outdoor world. We listen, we feel, and we care.

With the soulful spirit of where we’re rooted with Lilypond’s companion line called Fishpond (fishpondusa.com) which creates some of the most innovative fly fishing gear in the world,  we believe that by loving the outdoors and its environment, we will ultimately want to preserve the fragile ecosystems that we find as our playground. Together, we can make a difference.